12th Annual Oswego County Farmers’ Market Vendor Announcement | Arts and entertainment

OSWEGO COUNTY – Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County (CCE Oswego) has announced that the 12th Annual Oswego County Holiday Farmers Market will return to an in-person event, which will take place on December 4, as part of the ” Christmas in Mexico ‘annual celebration. Members of the local and regional community, as well as visitors to the area, are invited to support the local economy of Oswego County by stopping to discover incredible holiday-inspired gift ideas, decorations and food. , sold by local producers and vendors. Suppliers can also apply while available space is exhausted.

This year, the Oswego County Vacation Farmers Market will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Mexico VFW, located at 5390 Scenic Avenue (State Route 3), just north of Mexico Village. Free coffee and hot chocolate will be offered during the event.

The following vendors are a sample of those who will be attending:

Ashley Lynn Winery – Mexico

Buttercup Cheese TNG Inc. – Place centrale

Dancing Goat Farm – Richland

Heifercreek Haven – Fulton

PondView Products – Williamstown

Sponsored by CCE Oswego, the Oswego County Holiday Farmers Market brings a tradition of connecting consumers with local Oswego County vendors selling products made from the county’s agricultural and natural resources. In addition to finding local produce, buyers have the opportunity to speak directly to producers and sellers in the market.

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James V. Payne