A New Farmer’s Market is Coming to Orion

Orion has its first farmer’s market. It is open every Sunday, depending on the weather, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The market will be open until the end of the season, which can run from April to the end of October.

It is located outside the Orion Fitness Center and is run by Kelly Morrison with help from two Orion High graduates and Kelly’s daughter Emiliah.

Emiliah helps manage the social media page as well as getting the message out to the market.

“My daughter has definitely helped me with marketing, spreading the message and having fun,” Morrison said. “She’s just enjoying it and having fun. She’s also my co-partner in this.

Morrison also runs the Orion Fitness Center. She has been a trainer since 2008 and had the gym for about 14 years.

She said: “I have always been health and nutrition conscious. I’m really a local, I support my community, the kind of person. She was born and raised in Orion. “My passion is to help people and I know that if I can bring good nutrition to the people I currently work with, as well as to my community, that is another blessing, another complement.

“It’s always been my dream to have my own farm and sell my own crops on my own land as an organic farm,” Morrison said. “I want to continue to bless (the community) with more opportunity and health. To be healthy is to eat healthy. Everything falls together.

However, with her work as a trainer, she still does not have time to commit to a garden of her own. “I know I won’t have a garden, but I can get other farmers to use my land for that,” Morrison said. With his large property and focus on staying in shape, Morrison has always wanted the opportunity to bring these two interconnected worlds of active living and organic food together in his hometown.

Morrison viewed nutrition and a healthy lifestyle as essential parts of his own life and wanted to share his passion and make it easier for those around him to access this lifestyle.

“We live in good health. It’s part of my aura and I want to bring that to my community,” she said. “It’s already in my way of life, in my lifestyle and in my work. I wanted to bring more of that to the community.

She had the property and the passion. All she needed was permission. This turned out to be one of the few challenges Morrison faced in this endeavor.

Because her market is on her own personal property, she had different qualifications and regulations to follow from the Henry County Health Department. Morrison said: “Honestly, that’s been my biggest challenge: being on my personal property, finding out what the different rules and regulations are, and protecting myself with insurance.”

Morrison sees the market as a place of unity and joy. Morrison said: “A lot of people are so grateful that I bring this to our community. I have so many people thanking me and wanting to know what they could do to help me. It has been a blessing.

Morrison sees the market as an extension of the city itself. She said, “I think it’s just the aura, honestly. It just pushes people here. It’s such a beautiful property, and the people are so genuine, hometown. She also sees the market as an extension not just of her family, but of the family spirit of the community around her.

Morrison also has high standards for what is allowed in the market. She insists on knowing what her suppliers are bringing in and making sure the product is of high quality.

She is still accepting vendors for her farmer’s market. She can be contacted via the Orion Farmers Market Facebook page or by email at [email protected]

James V. Payne