Alexandria Farmers Market accepts SNAP benefits

ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana (KALB) – Bigger and better every year: Alexandria Farmers’ Market is open every week of the year, rain or shine, and they offer something a little unique to shoppers from all walks of life economic.

Since 2018, the market has been accepting SNAP and EBT benefits from qualified buyers. Due to restrictions on the items that can be purchased with the perks, the products must be food-based. However, these shoppers can still buy specialty food items, as well as locally raised fresh produce, beef, pork and dairy.

“We come from the army and we will only stay here for two years,” said Nena Dumol of Happy Happy Kimchi. “So that’s our way of serving the community. Our food is our way of connecting with others.

“I love being in the community,” said Kelly Erwin of Pineville Farmstand Truly Cajun Market. “I love seeing them eat healthy. I like to see them vibrate. And it makes me feel good to be able to offer them that. »

Some of these options may be too expensive at the grocery store or not available at all. So allowing shoppers to spend those profits at the local farmer’s market is what manager Audrey Kolde calls a win for the farmers and a win for the community.

“Even though they have so many options at the grocery store and, you know, they don’t always need the farmer’s market, the grocery store doesn’t always have the foods that are important to them as community,” Kolde said. “So, you know, the okra they want, or the kousa. You know, those foods that we love, that are so close to us, that we grew up eating. They don’t always have it at the grocery store. And so this autonomy to be able to decide where they buy their food is always an important part of ensuring that they have the respect that they need.

The market is in the parking lot across from the First Methodist Church on Jackson Street. It is open every Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. all year round.

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