Benton Harbor Farmers Market aims for more local produce

BENTON HARBOUR, Mich. (WOOD) — The Benton Harbor Farmers Market is looking for suppliers for its next season.

About a month after its opening date, the market called for more vendors of fresh produce and locally grown Michigan produce.

“We’re very broad and broad in the vendors we accept, but we just have this priority of saying, ‘Hey, let’s try to bring some more of these fresh produce and locally grown foods,'” Chioma Market Coordinator said Ejiofor.

Ejiofor says it is important to provide fresh food to the community.

“In terms of health, we can’t tell people to eat healthy if they don’t have access to fresh produce,” Eijofor said. “We know diet plays a role in a lot of different health issues, and often in these communities we see health issues like obesity, heart disease, diabetes all happening and a lot of those issues could be food controlled.

The marketplace is looking for five types of vendors to include:

  • Agricultural: Vendors of fresh produce; those who grow, raise or harvest products including fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat/poultry, honey, grains and other crops.
  • Value-Added Foods: Vendors selling prepared foods made in a licensed establishment or covered by homemade food laws.
  • Artisans: Sellers who create and design handcrafted products such as jewelry or artwork.
  • Activity Volunteers: Organizations or individuals who conduct hands-on activities at the market.
  • Educators or Information Providers: Organizations or individuals who provide a service or demonstration of educational value.

There are no seller fees.

The Farmer’s Market is held every Wednesday at Dwight P. Mitchell City Center Park, 100 E.Main St. It will start on June 22 and run until September 14.

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James V. Payne