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From the ground or freshly prepared, vendors offer a variety of options

LYNDEN — For most people, the farmer’s market is a chance to pick up locally grown fruits and vegetables and other edible treats made from foods that locals grow or make.

This year, the Lynden Farmers Market added food trucks to its stable of vendors. One such food truck is Cicchitti’s Pizza by Everson.

Since 2012, Cicchitti’s Pizza has been on the road as a mobile pizzeria. In typical East Coast fashion, the pizzas are large – 18 inches – and the slices are best eaten when folded lengthwise. But you probably won’t see the pizza makers tossing your pie in the air, said Niki Shannon.

“There’s not a lot of room to throw,” Shannon said of the food truck she and husband Dennis own. “We stretch more than we throw.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t check out some serious pizza at Cicchitti. Buy pizzas by the slice or buy the whole pie. Choose your own toppings or order one of a few combinations. Calzones are also available, as are cheese bread and garlic bread.

Successful start to 2022 Lynden Farmers Market

This year, the Lynden Farmers Market season opener coincided with the annual Farmers’ Day Parade. Whether or not the extra foot traffic helped boost market sales, market vendors sold 31% more this year than July 17 at last year’s parade, according to Michael DeGolyer, the market’s treasurer.

“Several of our suppliers from last year set new sales records (June 4),” DeGolyer said. “On the first day of the season, our market recorded total sales amounting to 24% of the total sales of the whole market for the whole season last year. It is a spectacular start for this new season. .

With 17 participating sellers on June 4, total sales were $8794.18. “So you can see that the first day (out of 17 total market days) of this year has seen sales hit a blistering pace. We still have 16 market days between now and the end of September.” So you can see that the first day (out of 17 total market days) of this year has seen sales hit a blistering pace,” DeGolyer said. “We still have 16 market days between now and the end of September.”

Until September 24, the Lynden Farmers Market is where locals go for locally grown, locally sourced and locally made food in one place. Vendors at this year’s market also offer wild-caught seafood, grass-fed beef and local dairy products, according to Dakota Stranik, chairman of the Lynden Farmers Market board.

With 21 vendors in all, not all of them will be at the market every week. Visit for more details, as Stranik has updated the website’s 2022 Providers page to include the dates each provider is expected to attend.

“I also recently created a calendar page for the market that gives a summary of what to expect for each weekend in terms of vendors, music, and food trucks,” Stranik said.

This year, vendors will also accept WIC vouchers and senior FMNP vouchers as part of Lynden Farmers Market’s new food access program. According to DeGolyer, the Lynden Farmers Market is also working to become “more certified so that the market can contribute to food security in the Lynden area for mothers, children and seniors.”

“We have applied to offer SNAP benefits and are awaiting approval from certifiers,” DeGolyer said. “So this is a big step forward for Lynden, and it will put us on a level playing field with Bellingham to serve the people in our area who need food aid.”

DeGolyer explained that there are several hundred families “and even more seniors around Lynden and Sumas who will no longer be forced to travel long distances for healthy, affordable foods from farmers markets.”

This year, the Lynden Farmers Market is also working on a program for young entrepreneurs. According to Stranik, children between the ages of 10 and 18 will be able to sign up to sell products they have made or grown themselves on the last Saturday of each month.

Founded in 2011, the Lynden Farmers Market is held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays June 4 through September 24 at the corner of 4th and Grover streets, across from the Lynden Library.

All Lynden Farmers Market products are made or grown in Whatcom County.

James V. Payne