Dickson’s Wading Pool, Fire Station and Farmers’ Market continue in Budget 22

The proposed $40 million budget for the Town of Dickson was unveiled in recent weeks with several capital projects including the continued construction of a new fire station, wading pool, producers and a dog park, as well as extending a road near Interstate 40 to ease traffic. .

The city’s planned budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year was presented by City Administrator Rydell Wesson to the city’s finance and management committee last month. The city council is expected to vote on the budget in June.

The municipal property tax rate of 77.35 cents per $100 of assessed value will also remain unchanged.

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Here are the highlights of the budget:

Current projects, 2021-2022 budget

-Construction of the Alexander Drive extension

-Construction of Phase I of Buckner Park

-Renovations, furnishing of the Center for the elderly

-Renovations to Fire Station No. 3, furnishing

-Henslee Park Splash Pad, construction of a playground

-Construction downtown Phase V

-Downtown engineering Phase VI

– Engineering, design of West College Street Phase I

-ITS Construction Phase I (three traffic light projects)

-Construction of a dog park

-Farmer’s Market (joint project with Dickson County)

– Improvements to facility security

-Full traffic, land use plan

-Construction of Sylvis Street Storm Sewer Project

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-1 million dollars for paving

-$65,000 for sidewalks

– Repair of the roof of fire station No. 2

– Swimming pool construction

-Repair of the roof of the Tennsco community center

Vehicles, equipment

-Four fire engines, equipment

-Two police vehicles, equipment

-Sanitation truck

-Leaf truck

-Two trucks, two mowers and a compact loader for public works

-Radars, cameras and vests for the police department


-9% cost of living and salary scale adjustments

-Two new police officers

-New Planner position

Budget overview

The budget financial overview includes the following:

-Total revenue: $40.08 million

-Total expenditures: $40.03 million

James V. Payne