Everything we saw and tasted at the Flint Farmers’ Market

The Flint Farmers’ Market is more than just a few Michigan-grown fruit and vegetable stands. There are hundreds of things to eat and drink under one roof.

Yes, there is a roof. The year-round facility hosts around 50 indoor and outdoor vendors selling everything from sushi to succulents. The variety of things you can buy here over the three days it’s open is staggering.

The Flint Farmers’ Market has a wine shop, meat counter, cheese shop, fresh produce, coffee, prepared meals, bagels, jewelry, gourmet hot dogs, art gallery, food stall barbecue, an award-winning apple cider from a 100-year-old farmhouse, Hamtramck pierogi, commercial kitchens, juice bar, shawarma stand, a full-service restaurant, a credit union, and there’s more.

Famous works of art represented near Art at the Market Gallery.  The Flint Children's Museum is also present at the Flint Farmers' Market.

Here are 10 highlights:

Art at the Market Gallery: Browse or shop at this non-profit art gallery in the marketplace that features paintings, stained glass, jewelry, pottery and more. Find more gifts at Heartfelt Reflections and Michigan at the Market, which sells foods and mitten items. Market Friends sell merchandise from the Flint Farmers Market.

Restaurant and grocery store in Beirut: Grab a hot, cheap lunch — lamb and beef gyros are $7, fattoush salad is $9 — at this food stall which also has a large shelf of potted and canned imported items from around the world , including staples like salt, pickled items, and spices.

Brumley & Bloom: Find indoor plants, outdoor pots and more lush greenery to offer at this well-stocked, woman-owned florist.

Charlie’s smoldering barbecue: Arrive early if you want to get your hands on this aromatic hickory smoked meat before it sells out. Charlie Weston and his family sell pulled pork, ribs, brisket and more. Have a meal or chat with them about catering.

Fenton's Crust Bakery and Cafe has a stand at the Flint Farmers' Market selling breads, candies, quiches and more.

Crust, a bakery company: I can’t go a few miles from Fenton without stopping at Crust Cafe for brunch, coffee, cocktails, or a quick snack. Fortunately, their products can also be found elsewhere in the state, including their stand at the Flint Farmers’ Market. Get big crusty bread, whole wheat slices, cookies, quiche and more.

Ebony Gemstone Co.: One of the many vendors selling gifts and other treasures at Flint Farmers’ Market, Ebony Gemstone Co. specializes in colorful and cool natural gemstone jewelry and artwork. Custom orders taken.

Heartwood by Flint Social Club: This “Flint to table” educational kitchen mentors people looking to break into the food business with their own creations. They sell cooked-to-order dumplings, Egyptian flatbreads, wings, mac and cheese, and daily specials.

Hills House Ripened Cheese: Cheese, cheese and more cheese. This vendor offers bricks, wedges and wheels of cheese from around the world, as well as olives, crackers, jams and other accessories to create the best ever cheese board for your next gathering.

Lori’s Clean Kitchen: Too busy to eat healthy? Lori will help you. She sells pre-prepared frozen meals and organic meal kits with all the ingredients you need to make healthy food at home. It also offers a line of hot “nutritious bowls” that make for a huge healthy, satisfying, ready-to-eat lunch.

Signage at Flint Farmers' Market, which has about 50 vendors.

Press Market: Head to the second level for refreshments after or before shopping. This indoor and outdoor rooftop bar has a Michigan theme, with many locally made spirits, beers, wines, and ciders.

Most vendors accept cash as well as debit and credit cards, some also accept relay cards. There is a parking lot with a limited number of free parking spaces, as well as paid parking on the street nearby.

The Flint Farmers Market is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. and Sat. at 300 E. 1st St. in Flint. Call (810) 232-1399 or visit silexfarmersmarket.com.

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