Farmer’s market, beer garden and concerts in the park to welcome summer to Sterling Heights

What is happening: This Thursday, June 2 marks the return of what has become a welcome summer tradition for Sterling Heights and surrounding communities, what is informally known as Thursday Nights in the Park. The Dodge Park Farmers Market returns for the season, Patios n’ Pints ​​beer garden returns to Upton House and the 47th annual Music in the Park concert series returns to the Dodge Park Amphitheater – and all on the same day . Events occur every Thursday throughout the summer.

Check your route: The Dodge Park Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. from June 2 to the end of September. Complementary is the Patios n’ Pints ​​event, a beer garden at the Upton House hosted by the Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce (SHRCC) which runs from 5-8 p.m. every Thursday through August . The Music in the Park series, also running through August, opens the summer season at 7 p.m. with a performance by Woodstock-era tribute band Magic Bus. A full program is available online.

Tom Whittaker, Programs and Events Manager for the SHRCC (File Photo: Steve Koss)Vegetables, beer and melodies: “It’s become quite a ‘Thursday night thing’ here,” says Tom Whittaker, director of programs and events for the SHRCC. “You can buy your fruit and veg at the Farmer’s Market, have a beer with us at Upton House, and go listen to some music happening across the street in the park.”

Patios n’ Pints: Each Thursday, Patios n’ Pints ​​will feature a different brewery with opening day having Blake’s Hard Cider Co. on hand. Representatives of the Armada-based company will attend the event, handing out giveaways and prizes and possibly, says Whittaker, even some of their famous donuts. Although Patios n’ Pints’ lineup features mostly Michigan craft brewers, there will be exceptions, like “College or Dad Beer night” in August. Local food vendors will start making appearances in mid-June.

What they say : “It all started with the renovation of Dodge Park – this beautiful farmer’s market pavilion, the bandshell. It’s a beautiful space that allows the city to do something special for Sterling Heights. Come see your taxes at work,” says Whittaker. “There is something for every taste.”

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James V. Payne