Guelph Farmers’ Market adds Thursday offering

Take-out Thursdays start this week, 4-7 p.m.

The Guelph Farmers’ Market is adding a new day of the week this summer.

Take-out Thursdays begin this week and will run from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“This is going to allow more businesses, more local food businesses, to maximize and energize the market,” said Anterra Vsetula-Sheffield, Guelph Farmers Market Activator with 10C Shared Space.

It won’t be the same as Saturday, which has seen the traditional 7 a.m. to noon market for over 200 years.

But she said Thursday is open to Saturday vendors who want to try a different day of the week.

“At this stage it is not opening all available stands on Saturdays,” Vsetula-Sheffield said. “That’s not the purpose of this market.”

“It’s more about providing another time and space for more pop-up style vending machines, with the ability to sell regularly. We have a few Saturday sellers who are so excited and excited to develop another day.”

The Thursday market will run until November, and the plan is to gauge its success and see if it will be implemented in future years.

“There will absolutely always be extra market days,” she added. “It’s something the community has said they want, and something 10C wants to provide. There are enough vendors to really fill more than one day of the week, so it’s something 10C wants to provide. is really dedicated is to have markets on other days, other than Saturday.”

In addition to Thursdays to go, 10C plans to take the farmers market into the digital sphere.

From July, they will open an online store, which will allow sellers to list products for sale online through 10C.

“(Vendors) won’t have to staff a sales stall, but people can pre-order them, and we’ll distribute them in the market,” Vsetula-Sheffield said.

James V. Payne