Hallsville Farmers Market Welcomes Guests to Second Event | New

HALLSVILLE — The Hallsville Farmers’ Market held its second event Saturday with a wide array of vendors and produce filling the lot in front of Hallsville First United Methodist Church.

Wreaths, chimes, handmade jewelry, candles, local beef, honey, homemade chocolate, freeze-dried candy, live plants, pottery, leather goods, clothing, produce, from chicken and duck eggs, art to fresh coffee and lemonade, guests at the Saturday Hallsville Farmers Market had a lot to choose from.

“We’re raising money for a summer camp and a trip to St. Louis,” 12-year-old twins Alex and Love Shepherd said Saturday. “These are our works of art that we have made as well as the candles and the jewelry.”

The twins shared the stall on Saturday with their mother Amber Shepherd, who sells fresh mushrooms, grow kits and more.

Another stand at the market on Saturday made it a family affair. The Koyle family of eight gave examples of how they make their own homemade chocolate bars to market guests on Saturday.

“We get the Equator beans and grind them into feathers,” mom Jenifer Koyle said. “Then we take those little pieces and my husband puts them in the grinder, which has these stone wheels, and they’ll grind for two to three days.”

The crushed cocoa beans are then combined with real milk cream and put into molds to make chocolate bars. The family, which included father Jared and daughters Morgan and Riley, were selling milk chocolate bars and dark chocolate bars on Saturday.

“Depending on the heat, we may have to take a break during the summer and come back to the market in the fall,” Jenifer said. “It’s hard to keep chocolate here in the summer.”

Jenifer said the family is working to create a low-sugar version of their bars and also combining chocolate with other fresh fruits like strawberries and raspberries to add more varieties. Riley also makes her own hair bows and jewelry to sell at the family stand.

The Hallsville Farmers’ Market allows vendors to pay a one-time $25 fee to participate in the full season of the market, which is held from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month through the end of September on the open ground. , located at 200 Loma Vista Drive near the First United Methodist Church of Hallsville.

James V. Payne