Houston’s New Farmer’s Market Butcher puts meat gurus front and center

Mmeet the men who want to put meat on your table. Ryan Cade and Blake Robertson are the guys behind the 2,800-acre RC Ranch in Brazoria County, dedicated to putting the quality, durability and ethical treatment of the farm animals they raise at the forefront of their plans. business. Originally launched in 2010, RC’s goal was to breed and sell Wagyu beef, considered by many to be the best beef one could buy.

And with more and more people – from nutritionists to climate change activists – advocating that people cut back on the amount of red meats they eat, it makes sense to strive for the best quality when eating the meat.

Co-owners Ryan Cade and Blake Robertson behind the crate of meat at their new butcher shop, RC Ranch at the Houston Farmer’s Market. (Photo Jody Horton)

The duo opened their first brick and mortar butcher’s shop in the historic Houston Farmers Market, an exciting place that has seen rapid change and expansion. This new 3000 square feet meat market will feature his RC Ranch Wagyu, which follows a “sandwich breeding process”. One that fuses three Wagyu lineages, each representing a different region of Japan and their specific genetic traits. For example, Kedaka is a cow known for being taller, Shiname has the best maternal traits, while Tajima is said to produce the best marbling.

“When raised – sandwiched – together, these genetics produce what we think is the perfect product: large cows with beautiful mottling sustainably raised on our ranch,” said co-founder Ryan Cade.

Scenes from the country of Brazoria, RC Ranch. (Photo by Josh Olalde)

Proud to use every part of the carcass and waste nothing, you can find hand-cut Wagyu cuts such as short ribs, rib eye, sirloin steaks, Denver steak, as well as beef cuts. Heritage pork also raised on the RC Ranch in this new butcher shop. (Not to mention the often hard-to-find pieces of offal and bone marrow.) Additionally, they’ll be sourcing chicken and seafood from other vendors like Holmes Poultry, Lonestar Seafood, and Copra Foods. The new RC Ranch Butcher Shop even offers a live Maine lobster tank onsite.

Using a hands-on approach to processing meats, the steaks are all dry-aged in-house to add depth of flavor, the cured meats and sausages are made and smoked in-house on a J&R Oyler oven, a massive appliance that has won awards. legions of chef fans. Expect to find homemade smoked breasts, shanks and bones as well. If time is of the essence, you can purchase individual and family ready-to-cook meals, marinated meats, and fresh meal prep packaging such as chuck roasts and seasoned vegetables.

Finally, the RC Ranch Butcher is a USDA inspected facility that allows them to sell to restaurants like Houston’s Bludorn and Georgia James, as well as ship products across states.

James V. Payne