Kroger wants to change the way you shop at the Farmers Market

If you love making meals with local produce but shopping online best suits your needs, then you might be the perfect candidate for the Kroger Farmers’ Market — if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, of course. The national grocery chain recently announced a new pilot program that may eventually expand to other U.S. markets, according to an article on Diving at the grocery store. A partnership with market cartAn online ordering and delivery service for local agricultural and artisan products, Kroger Farmers Market offers shoppers more than 1,150 farmer’s market-style products that can be ordered online and delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays (via Grocery Dive).

“Kroger’s new digital farmers’ market pilot is part of the evolution of our fast-growing and innovative e-commerce business,” Felix Turner, director of general affairs for Kroger’s Atlanta division, wrote in a press release shared with Grocery Dive last week. “This partnership reinforces the importance of buying local for customers, powered by modern, cost-effective and efficient last-mile solutions.”

The pilot program appears to be an offer for conscious shoppers who love local products, but prefer the convenience of shopping online and having items delivered to their doorstep. Kroger has expanded its selection of locally raised foods lately, announcing last month that its Go Fresh & Local supplier accelerator, a program designed to bring more local food businesses to Kroger’s shelves, would return for a second year.

James V. Payne