Launch of Farmers Market Minority-Owned Small Business Incubator Program

DES MOINES — The Downtown Farmers’ Market is launching a program to help more minority-owned small businesses become vendors.

The Downtown Farmers Market Minority-Owned Small Business Incubator Program begins Saturday and provides two booths sponsored by Principal and EMC Insurance for minority-owned business owners to sell their wares in the market.

All minority business owners need to do is apply for the program on the marketplace website and, if accepted, they will receive support and training to become sellers.

Tiffany Tauscheck, chief operating officer of the Greater Des Moines Partnership and president of Downtown DSM, Inc, said the program will add to the already diverse downtown farmers market.

“This pilot program is really designed to help these diverse minority-owned small businesses,” Tauscheck said. “We already have a diverse mix of vendors at the downtown farmers market and it’s a way to continue to add to the diversity of the market and it’s also a way to help support small businesses that don’t have never been to the market before. ”

The incubator program begins this Saturday and will run until the end of the downtown farmers market season.

James V. Payne