Locate the new Farmers Market in the Northeast, prompts the reader


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Large production enterprises are found in the larger buildings of the SC State Farmer’s Market.


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Best location please

The proposal to have a Farmer’s Market in Richland County is great; however, why locate it close to the current one where it can compete and starve revenue from providers who already provide valuable services?

As a resident of Northeast Columbia – one of the fastest growing areas in Richland County – I don’t use the current Farmers Market as much as I should, could or would because that it takes me more than 30 minutes to get to the current market. .

On the other hand, if a farmers market was located in northeast Colombia, I would shop there several times a month, as many of my northeast neighbors would.

According to recent reports, State Rep. Todd Rutherford is all for “bringing the Farmers Market back to Richland County,” and many of us who live in Richland County are Totally agree.

So while many of us think Richland County should have a Farmers Market again, it seems we also think it should be located in an area where it can serve the most people without competing with the ‘current.

Terry M. Frame, Colombia

The purple color

South Carolina has joined 12 other states in passing a purple paint law to protect loggers from trespassers.

South Carolina has 12.9 million acres of forest land and more than 200,000 forest owners, which form the basis of the state’s $21 billion wood and paper products industry. of dollars. Unfortunately, however, trespassing on private forest lands is a problem throughout our state.

Governor McMaster recently signed into law House Bill 3291, known as the Purple Paint Bill. The law allows property boundaries to be marked with “clearly visible purple painted markings.”

The markings “must be affixed to fixed and permanent objects which are not more than 100 meters apart and easily visible to anyone approaching the property”.

Markings may be used in place of traditional signage which may be removed or destroyed by weather etc.

Purple was chosen for two reasons: purple is not a color used in forestry practice, and purple is likely to be seen by people who are color blind.

The South Carolina Forestry Association, along with Rep. Tommy Pope and Senator Wes Climer, actively supported the enactment of this new law.

Cam Crawford, Forestry Association of SC, Colombia

Bossy fear

I watched each of the January 6 hearings, and became more troubled by the state of our country with each hearing. Then I read the disturbing book by Levitsky and Ziblatt “How Democracy Dies”.

The authors trace the history of countries in which their democracies have died, and they list four warning signs of the rise of an authoritarian ruler. Donald Trump has encountered the four signs.

Even more troubling, however, is that neither Senator Graham or Scott, nor any of our South Carolina Representatives except Representative Clyburn, have fulfilled their constitutional duty to stop Mr. Trump to destroy our democracy.

Unless our elected officials honor the oath they took, we will fall more and more into authoritarian rule and our partisan politics will continue to destroy our country.

Stan Frick, Colombia

Vote carefully

Women of South Carolina, vote against elected officials who will lead you to believe that Roe v. Wade triggered abortions in our country. Don’t believe it.

When abortions became legal, women’s health and well-being improved dramatically.

Prior to the famous decision, well-to-do women could still obtain a relatively safe abortion, but others had to either give birth to unwanted children or seek a clandestine abortion. Some women left permanent scars. Some are dead. Others have seen their life’s dreams evaporate when they were propelled into parenthood without maturity or preparation.

Since Roe, parents are better able to plan for their children and women’s health has improved greatly.

And consider the cases of future parents who become aware of serious fetal abnormalities during pregnancy. Abortion was a painful option.

We should be responsible for our own bodies and those entrusted to us.

Elect those who will write laws to grant us this freedom.

Nina Newcomb Chapin

James V. Payne