Moving Forward: $15,000 for a Year-Round Farmers’ Market | News

Clatskanie Farmers Market (CFM) organizers have officially surpassed their $15,000 goal to support the development of a year-round farmers market.

As of Friday, April 1, 77 donors have contributed $15,275 to support construction of cool storage, shelves and displays, chest freezers, technology to support sales and administration, and general upgrades to buildings, according to a description from CFM’s Givebutter campaign.

With an Oregon Coast Visitors Association fundraising match, CFM set to raise $30,000 for renovations to transform the former Clatskanie Chief newspaper building at 80 NE Art Steele Street into a marketplace.

Pippinstock Homestead from Clatskanie wrote the following testimonial supporting the food hub.

“(Clatskanie Food Hub) will allow people like me who have a garden or a small farm to sell products. This model leverages direct agricultural laws to create immense opportunities for all members of our community (and) is essential for us to have a local and sustainable food system here! »

The future hub site will offer a selection of products, meats, eggs, dairy products and dry products.

CFM began in 2014 with a mission to “serve as a community venue for farmers and artisans to encourage the creation and growth of local and sustainable businesses,” says the mission statement of the purpose-driven organization. non-profit.

The annual Clatskanie Farmers Market is held in Copes Park and runs every Saturday, 10am-2pm, June-September.

Clatskanie food center building

A preview of the future Clatskanie Food Hub site at 80 NE Art Steele Street in Clatskanie, OR.

James V. Payne