NGCC and Garrettsville Farmers Market end partnership

What is changing?

Garrettsville Farmers Market will no longer operate under 501(C)(3) CCGS

The NGCC will no longer oversee and operate the Farmers Market. NGCC fully supports the Farmers Market and hopes to see the market continue in the community.

Since the NGCC will not oversee or be associated with the Farmers’ Market, the nonprofit corporation and its designation of 501(C)(3) tax-exempt status by the IRS, and the benefits of the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance (SNAP), will not be associated. with neither accepted at the farmers market any longer.

Why is this changing?

The separation was requested by the Market Manager in November 2021 and received the full support of the NGCC Board of Directors.

The market manager filed for separation and pledged to create a new nonprofit corporation and obtain tax-exempt status designation from the IRS for the new corporation. This has been discussed and was to start last November.

When does this change become effective?

The separation will take place by June 15, 2022.

What does not change?

The NGCC Board of Directors remains committed to our mission to “Close the Door to Hunger” in the JAG community.

The CCGS celebrated its 10th anniversary on February 27. From its inception, the NGCC was conceived out of a desire to help our neighbors who were struggling to put food on the table during difficult times. During those ten years, the CCGS survived multiple moves, a devastating fire and a global pandemic.

In 2021, the NGCC served over 107 local families (over 240 people), we also provide over 95 students with healthy snacks through the Snack Pack program. In 2022, we expect a 15% increase in our customers. We look forward to helping our friends and neighbors in need!


Need food aid? NGCC is here for you!

The Nelson Garrettsville Community Closet serves any resident of the JAG School District in need of assistance. Please visit us on a delivery day. Registration is confidential and takes less than 10 minutes.

If you are not already a customer, please bring the following documents:

– Valid driver’s license or national identity card

– Utility bill or financial statement in your name and address

To learn more, visit

James V. Payne