Nikki Moon Art sells bags and prints at Durango Farmers Market – The Durango Herald

Handmade products are inspired by nature

Nikki Moon uses 100% recycled fabric that she buys from local thrift stores. (Courtesy of Nikki Moon via Instagram)

Nikki Moon, owner of Nikki Moon Art, started selling her art in earnest this year.

Moon has been drawing and painting for about 15 years. She moved to Durango in 2017 and started selling art about four years ago. She now sells handmade bags and other products at the Durango Farmer’s Market.

Moon screenprints her designs – which she describes as surreal, emotional and nature-inspired – onto her hand-sewn items. She says her hand-sewn items, which include bags, fanny packs and more recently foraging bags, are typical and unstylish. She wants to make art useful to nature.

Moon uses 100% recycled fabric that she buys from local thrift stores. For its zippers and buttons, Moon uses unsold materials, which come from clothes from stores that have been closed.

Nikki Moon Art also sells drawing prints, which are packaged with 100% compostable cellophane and recycled cardboard.

This is Moon’s first year at the Durango Farmers Market. Its stand is on site once a month. Market-goers can find stickers, prints, bags and clothes at its stand. She also orders larger pieces on request.

“I love the market,” she says. “It’s a really cool way to connect with the people I sell my artwork to. The Farmer’s Market is really special because it supports all local vendors, including local farmers, which I’m really excited about.

Moon hopes to expand Nikki Moon Art’s online presence after the market closes this fall.

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James V. Payne