No Downtown Farmer’s Market in Glenwood Springs – yet

A recent Farmers Market in Glenwood Springs.
Ray K. Erku / Independent Post

The manager of the downtown Glenwood Springs Farmer’s Market announced on Tuesday that it will be closing permanently – the second time this month that such an announcement has been made.

In a press release, Marketplace Manager Cindy Svatos claimed the city “is not supportive of the market and is critical of everything from setup, signage placement, vendor placement and timing, teardown and the calendar as well as many other elements”.

In a separate press release, City of Glenwood Springs spokeswoman Bryana Starbuck wrote on Tuesday that the closure was solely the decision of market managers.

“City staff continued to assist the private operator with planning for safe emergency access, licensing all vendors, and resolving outstanding issues,” the statement said. “No additional requests have been added to the permit conditions.”

Tuesday’s closure announcement comes after a vendor suffered burns and was hospitalized following a propane incident at the June 28 market. The City of Glenwood Springs revoked the market permit later in the week, but market managers appealed the decision and agreed to a new permit with updated terms and safety requirements at the meeting of the July 7 city council.

The city would work to draft options for the city council on how to maintain a market in Glenwood Springs, the city’s statement said. While Svatos hasn’t officially pulled the amended permit from the market, that shouldn’t delay the process of finding other options to bring a market back to Glenwood Springs.

“Certainly our preference would be for the market to formally revoke its license,” Starbuck wrote in an email. “However, the announcement made it clear that Cindy is not moving forward, so we are actively looking for other solutions.”

James V. Payne