Parkville Farmers’ Market structure could go down

PARKVILLE, Mo. — Perseverance is a way of life for farmers.

That’s why they’re excited about a plan to replace the Parkville Farmers’ Market, after its 35-year-old home was crushed for a second time. The latest crash happened on Monday when a lorry driver slammed into the market pavilion as he tried to turn around.

“It was a little incredulous,” said Shelley Oberdiek, who runs the farmers’ market, on Wednesday. “For this to happen twice in six weeks, it’s just hard to believe.”

The previous incident occurred on April 27, when the driver of an 18-wheeler crashed into the structure. Oberdiek said they were the only two drivers to ever hit the market, as far as he knows. The latest crash occurred the day before the market opened. She and other farmers said town leaders came up with a quick plan to move the merchants to tents in the parking lot about 50 yards away.

“It’s such a popular structure in the city,” Oberdiek said. “We discovered the importance of this building and its aesthetics.”

City of Parkville spokeswoman Alexa Barton told FOX4 that talks are already underway to build a new structure for the farmers’ market, and it could be a multi-user structure with refrigeration. , doors and walls as well. However, the market’s current location near downtown Parkville will be the designated location for the remainder of the year.

“It was a fantastic building, but it will also be a new beginning. It’s a catch 22. It’s sad for me, but at least it will also be a new beginning,” said Joyce McFarland, a merchant from McFarland Plant Farm.

“If you are a farmer, you are optimistic. I have been a farmer all my life. You’re going through floods or whatever and you always think next year will be better and it usually is. No matter the situation, it can always be worse,” said Lanny Frakes, another L&R Farms marketer.

Regarding the pair of crashes, Parkville police say both drivers were cited and fined for the damage, including the driver from the first incident on April 27. In fact, this driver was also cited for leaving the scene of a wreck.

The Parkville Farmers Market meets every Wednesday and Saturday.

Barton said city leaders need to settle their affairs with the two insurance companies before building anything new.

James V. Payne