Rick’s Produce Celebrates One Year Anniversary at the Original Farmer’s Market – Larchmont Buzz

Rick Dominguez of Rick’s Produce, celebrating his first birthday at the Original Farmers Market in Third and Fairfax. (photo from Instagram)

Rick’s Produce is the first new farmer to enter the Original Farmers Market in Third and Fairfax in 30 years. And owner/farmer Rick Dominguez opened his doors in the middle of the pandemic! Although plans to open were underway before the pandemic, in fact before the birth of her son, who is now almost three years old, Dominguez decided to move forward once the space was completed despite the pandemic. . He’s still waiting for the rush of customers, but he’s not complaining.

“It’s wonderful to be part of the Original Farmers Market, the people are very friendly, we have customers who come from all over the world, although I’m really happy that almost half of our customers are from the neighborhood”, Dominguez told The Buzz. . “In addition, we service several Market restaurants, Monsieur Marcel, Market Tavern and El Granjero Cantina, in addition to those we had in the neighborhood like Jon and Vinny’s, Animal and Son of a Gun. It’s really good for us and really good for them to have a farmers’ market nearby that’s available seven days a week.”

Operating a storefront is a new experience for Dominguez. He is used to running a farm and operating at local farmers markets – he is at Silver Lake Farmers Market on Saturdays and Hollywood Farmers Market on Sundays. He started his own operation in 2014 and the store features items from his farm in Fallbrook as well as other local farmers who share his farming practices.

“I’m very careful about what we sell,” Dominguez explained. “We have to agree to feed it to our family.”

In addition to fresh produce, Dominguez also serves food. You can order avocado toast, fruit or salad bowls, jam toast with its seasonal jams, and seasonal smoothies made with only fresh fruit and juice, no powder or syrup. This week, he’s making fresh salsas and guacamole specialties for the Super Bowl and chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day.

Everything is homemade from local farms, so it’s super fresh, Dominguez explained. His small team of 18 employees also includes his wife who takes care of his accounting, when she is not working as a full-time accountant.

Dominguez works long days but he loves it. He is thrilled to be the first farmer to return to the market in decades and is honored to feature fellow farmers.

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James V. Payne