Saturday morning farmer’s market in Old Town Clovis

Busy Bees Honey Farm, John and Lynette Ballis
(Photo Adam Solis, Clovis Roundup)

The Saturday morning Farmer’s Market runs from 9:00-11:30 in the heart of Old Town Clovis on Pollasky between 5th and Bullard.

Often overshadowed by the spectacle of the Friday night Farmer’s Market, the Saturday morning market continues to provide a more intimate space for the community to connect with vendors.

Unlike the Friday night farmers’ market, which has more of a festival atmosphere, the Saturday morning farmers’ market is a more intimate and relaxed setting.

Saturday attendees can shop and talk to vendors about fruits, vegetables and other specialty items being sold while listening to folk music in the background.

Some of the vendors expressed hope that the Saturday morning crowds would bring a greater variety of local vendors.

Vendors this week ranged from a produce stand to a beauty boutique. A unique stand was the Busy Bees Honey Farm.

Run by husband and wife, John and Lynette Ballis, Sanger’s Honey Farm stand came to market not only to share their honey with the Clovis community, but to educate all attendees about the honey making process and their family history. make honey.

“A lot of people ask for honey because they’ve heard it helps with allergies, and we try to educate them. Not everyone is helped, but wildfire honeys contain a lot more pollen than orange blossom,” Lynette said.

Lynette said working as a husband and wife beekeeping team is something they enjoy doing and they also hope farmers apply to be vendors for the Saturday morning market.

The Saturday morning Farmer’s Market offers visitors the opportunity to purchase produce from local vendors, hear their personal stories and connect with the people behind the business.

Another company that was a popular Saturday morning attraction was Rory’s Inspiration Lapidary Arts.

Rory’s is owned and operated by husband and wife, Don and Kelly Bain. Their business is named after their son Rory, whom they lost to suicide eleven years ago.

The business involves selling handmade jewelry by Don and Kelly. Made from rare minerals collected by Don who then cuts and polishes them. Then Kelly performs the final stages of the water work which produces the final product and wires the finished rock into a jewel of the customer’s choice.

Don said he was inspired to start his business when he spent collecting rocks with his son.

Don said he and his wife have been coming to the Farmers’ Market for eight years and describe the environment in Old Town Clovis as the friendliest compared to anywhere else.

The conversations Don has with clients have allowed him to help others who have lost loved ones through difficult times, it’s the reward that Don says keeps bringing him back.

A conversation with a couple who visited their stall at the Friday night farmer’s market is a great example that Don explained why he keeps coming to events like farmers’ markets.

“I was telling the guy our story and he put his hand on my shoulder and he said, ‘I lost my son five years ago to suicide.’ and now we’re in touch and we’re going to be in touch so I can help them even more. It’s about helping others help themselves,” Don said.

Don said talking with others was something they found rewarding because it helped others as well as themselves.

“The best thing isn’t selling a stone, it’s helping others,” Don said.

Another unique aspect of the opportunity to show attendees their booth, Don said, is the ability to spark interest in mineral collecting in children whose eyes are drawn to the beautiful stones.

“For me, children are the most important thing. They come to my stand and show great interest in stones, and I find out that they have their own collection. I’ll tell them to come back here next week and bring them stones from home and start another starter collection for them because I have about 2,000 pounds of stones,” Don said.

The chance to help young people get involved in something constructive and outdoorsy is one that Don says he’s happy to have a helping hand.

The Saturday morning Farmer’s Market is held year-round in the heart of Old Town Clovis on Pollasky between 5 and Bullard. Applications for all vendors interested in participating in the Farmers Market can be found on the Clovis Old Town Website.

James V. Payne