Sheridan Reader Suggests Lowering Speed ​​Limits During Noblesville Farmers Market, Applauds Protest Restriction – Hamilton County Reporter

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Dear Editor:

I have visited the Noblesville Farmers Market several times over the past year and have been pleased with the variety of produce sold and the positivity of the vendors.

One concern is the proximity to parking spaces and the ability to walk across any major thoroughfare to get to the market. I would suggest putting up signs on Logan Street on market day with a reduced speed limit for everyone’s safety during market hours. The National Road 19 electronic signal should also be controlled to speed up traffic – cars waiting for a signal change are causing traffic jams in the area.

I’ve read the Noblesville Farmers Market 2022 Rules, and they’re pretty detailed. What really stood out was under “Additional Rules”.

chip number four made a very clear statement about not allowing protests in the market. It states, “Protesting is prohibited within Federal Hill Commons during the Noblesville Farmers Market. Market staff will ask anyone violating these prohibitions to relocate. What’s on offer are “free speech zones,” which included other parking areas.

As a buyer, I don’t want to see or hear protesters! So kudos to the Market Director, his staff and his Board of Directors! I appreciate that they take a strong stance to protect sellers and market visitors from unruly disturbances.

If you don’t know, last year the city of Bloomington had to close its Farmers’ Market for two straight weeks because it likely had no written rules protecting vendors and visitors from outside disruption. Do you realize the cost this has caused to fresh produce vendors and other vendors who have lost money to the self-serving protesters?

Finally, we have someone in Hamilton County who stands up against indiscipline!

Mari Briggs


James V. Payne