Sprouts Farmers Market: “Bringing Hope Home” for Cancer Patients and Their Families

Across America, cancer creeps into the forefront of many people’s lives, either because they are directly affected by it or because a loved one is touched by the disease. Nearly 2 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2021, according to the American Cancer Society. Although treatment varies from person to person, it is common for cancer patients to face physical, mental and emotional challenges as they strive to regain their health, and in addition to that, there are all the financial challenges that are often less widely discussed.

Cancer is expensive. Even with insurance, individuals still have to pay for co-payments, transportation to and from appointments, medications, etc., all in addition to the normal cost of living. Unfortunately, there aren’t many choices when faced with having to pay for life-saving treatment, but the cost of cancer can be overwhelming, forcing many people into financial insecurity and debt. .

That’s where Bringing Hope Home comes in, supporting individuals and families battling cancer. Based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Bringing Hope Home aims to ease the financial burdens that come with cancer treatment. Working in partnership with a network of hospitals, specialists and social workers, the team guides people living with an active cancer diagnosis (and who are in a Bringing Hope Home service area) through the referral program of subsidy. People who receive grants can use the money to pay bills such as mortgage, rent, car payments and utilities.

The mission is deeply personal for BHH staff, as cancer has been present for most of their lives. Such was the case with their founder, Paul Isenberg, who started Bringing Hope Home in 2008 to honor his wife, Nicole, who battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for years and sadly passed away in 2003. The primary focus of Paul has always been about building a support system for families. experience a similar situation and to give them a sense of comfort and community. Bringing Hope Home COO Amy Seybold supports the community-building mission and said, “We are careful to never refer to individuals as patients because to us they are part of the family and should be part of the family. be treated as such”.

Prosperous families in the Bringing Hope Home community. The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation was first introduced to Bringing Hope Home in 2019 when Sprouts opened its first store in Pennsylvania. Seeing the lives that have been touched since, Sprouts has continued to grow the partnership, most recently with a $10,000 contribution to Bringing Hope Home’s spring fundraiser and 100 $100 Sprouts gift cards given to BHH families. Reflecting on this, Amy Seybold said: “The icing on the cake is giving families gift cards to Sprouts so they can have lots of healthy food in stock. They’re so grateful, it’s like if they had won the lottery!” BHH and the Sprouts Healthy Community Foundation recognize the importance of a healthy, nutrient-dense diet to support the healing process.

The Spouts Healthy Communities Foundation and Bringing Hope Home have partnered to fight cancer. Going forward, BHH’s goal is to continue to grow its programs and grants while partnering with other organizations like Sprouts to create a strong community network. Along the way, her team will continue to provide Unexpected Amazingness® to local families who are on a cancer journey. And as long as cancer impacts individuals and families in their community, Bringing Hope Home will continue to offer support to help as many people as possible in their fight to beat this disease.

Learn more at bringhopehome.org Members of the Bringing Hope Home community pay tribute to their loved ones. Bring joy to a family with a new bike!

James V. Payne