Texarkana executives plan to use grants to expand farmers’ market

TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) – Texarkana city leaders say a recent grant is expected to help the city provide healthy food to the community.

The Texarkana Texas Farmers Market received a grant of $ 118,800 from the United States Department of Agriculture. City leaders say the funds will help the market grow.

“This particular grant is going to focus on giving us the ability to do pop-up markets in low to moderate income neighborhoods as well as in different locations in the city of Texarkana Texas,” said spokesperson Keith Beason.

This farmers market has been in existence for 11 years. City leaders say there are 30 vendors supporting the market.

“75% of sellers have to be local food producers,” Beason said.

Among the vendors is Binning Farm near Maud, Texas. Owner Debbie Binning said she has supported the Texarkana Farmers Market for the past six years and believes the pop-up markets will benefit both the growers and the community.

“It will attract more people. The more people know about it and come to see us, the better the farmers of course. And the more options people have for healthy eating because everyone up there grows the best food they can, ”she said.

The grant will also allow officials to produce educational programs.

“With the ability to do cooking demonstrations and things of that nature that we can share on social media, it’s really going to showcase the vendors who have been loyal to the Texarkana Farmers Market,” Beason said.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, contact Texarkana Texas City Hall.

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James V. Payne