The farmers’ market opens this Wednesday in Kiel City Park |

The Kiel Farmer’s Market is ongoing, every Wednesday from June 15th to October at City Park from 2pm to 6pm.

These times are new this year and have been changed based on people’s feedback, according to Ryan Harden of Harden Farms who helps coordinate the market.

The market starts a little later than usual this year due to the cold and wet spring.

A website with details of the market, including how to be a supplier there, is available at

Organizers are actively looking to expand presence and vendors to make the Kiel market one of the largest in southeast Wisconsin. They host handmade or locally grown items within 100 miles of Kiel.

Seasonal vendors will be given preference and will have a pre-assigned space for the season. Weekly vendors are scheduled for spaces based on space availability, product mix, and market management discretion. Weekly vendors may be in a different space each week they are scheduled, although this is avoided where possible.

Entertainers (i.e. singers, accordion, piano, pipers, etc.) will be permitted; however, they must call to schedule a date and will be assigned a designated place to play. There may be multiple performers on any given market day. If this happens, the organizers ask the artists to do 15-20 minute rounds to perform their talents.

James V. Payne