What Makes Sprouts Farmers Market Sausage Unique

Once standards are met for vendors to supply meat, Sprouts Butcher can play around with different cuts, including pork mince for their unique varieties of sausages. Yes, you read that right, sausages. They are a breakfast staple, but beyond that, when tossed in a case and pan-fried or grill, their fat-to-meat ratio delivers delicious flavor, and the pairing of sausage with mustard makes it unstoppable.

The only thing missing? Flavors of Sprouts Butchers. With flavors ranging from basic sweet and warm Italian to jalapeño-cheddar, green chili, chicken parmesan and Cajun pork sausage, Sprouts adds ingredients like spicy peppers, melted cheese and sausage caramelized onions for killer combos we’ve been missing all this time (by The Philadelphia Investigator).

Not only does Sprouts flavor their pork this way, they also do chicken sausage with similar variations, accommodating those who do not consume pork. With flavors changing daily based on readily available ingredients, you’ll never be bored approaching the Sprouts butchery section. In fact, with 381 pitches in the US, it’s worth heading to the nearest store to check out the crazy sausage flavors they currently offer.

James V. Payne